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Pendleton's Big Medicine Blanket in Oxford

£345.00 GBP

  • Blanket/robe
  • Material: 82% wool, 18% cotton
  • Dimensions: 64" x 80"
  • Native American design
  • Whipstitch binding
  • Made in the USA
  • Dry clean only
This blanket from Pendleton features the rare white bison, a rare natural event that occurs only once in every 10 million births. Many Native American tribes consider the return of the White Buffalo the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy and the beginning of a new era for the peoples and Mother Earth. In the centre of the blanket, within the circle of life, are four hands representing the diverse peoples of the world and a new beginning. The colourful side and darker, more muted colour combination on the reverse make it very versatile.

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