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Hiut Denim Slim Tapered Selvedge Jeans

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About the Jeans

The Slim® cut has become a big hit for Hiut jeans. They are 2cm slimmer than their 'Slim cut'. The leg opening is 16.5cm. 

  • Authentic five pocket jean 

  • 14.5 oz selvedge denim

  • From the iconic Japanese Kuroki mill

  • Signature red ‘owl’ rivet on the back pocket

  • Redline selvedge outseam

  • 100% cotton.

Made in Wales.

About the Brand

Hiut Denim hail from Wales. The town of Cardigan had Britain’s biggest jeans factory on its doorstep, employing 400 people out of a town of 4,000 people. And it made 35,000 pairs of jeans each week for 3-4 decades. That’s a lot of jeans. Hiut has brought the industry back to life in the town, as in Cardigan, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know how to make jeans. 

About Selvedge

Selvedge denim is the traditional way of making denim. Up until 1950’s all denim was made this way. Woven on old shuttle looms. Typically one yard wide. Denim produced on shuttle looms are called “self-edge” hence the name “Selvedge”.

Selvedge typically has a tighter, denser weave. Due to the self-edge outseam which has a clean finish so it will not unravel. This means it takes twice as much denim to cut a pair of selvedge so will cost a good deal more than mass-produced denim.

Japan is revered as the world’s leaders in Selvedge. And Kuroki is considered one of Japan’s truly iconic mills. In 1965 it switched from vat dyed to rope dyed selvedge and from that day it earned a reputation for artisanal denim.

In order to make a great pair of jeans, you have to start with great ingredients. Kuroki is one of the best mills in the world. Hiut are proud to work with them. Selvedge should be viewed as investment into quality. And, will overtime, get better with age.


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