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HAECKELS Caffeine Free Seaweed Tea

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Haeckel's herbal tea has a mild vegetal flavour with a umami and just a hint of saltiness that compliments the elderflower, citrus and fennel notes.


It has a high content of iodine, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid glands which in turn is necessary to keep the cells and metabolic rate healthy. The tea could assist in weight loss as it helps increase metabolic rate. Components of bladderwrack such as carotene, fucoidan, mannitol and bromine offer vital nutrients to bone and joint health and may help relieve inflammation and pain caused in the joints by rheumatoid arthritis. The sea weed component in the tea also contains alginic acid which can help with good digestion while also containing Fucodian which helps decrease the LDL or bad cholesterol while maintaining HDL or good cholesterol for good heart health.    


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