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Archie Foal x Moleskine Navy 'Artist' Notepad

£45.00 GBP

Looking for a unique gift or to make a statement. The Archie Foal x Moleskine collaboration is the perfect creative essential for your desk and home. We believe in getting imaginative and generating ideas that blossom with every stroke on the page. This clever design is a twist on the classic notebook, which has famously used by artists and writers over the years.

‘Artist. Your rules do not apply’, references the counter culture movement of the 1970s, when people believed that artists and creatives would be the future, rather than big business, government and capitalism. We believe that individuals are able to see the world without these restrictions, and can put a unique expression and individuality into everything that they do. Swim against the tide, perhaps something more beautiful, more equal, and freer can be born. We all have an inner artist, a limitless being with the ability to change the world. It’s time to let them loose.


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