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Archie Foal Men's Black Rune Textured Sweater

£90.00 GBP £195.00 GBP

Brand new to the Archie Foal collection, the Rune is designed to bridge the gap in your knitwear drawer as winter slowly becomes summer. Made from a 100%, extra-fine merino wool, this knit is lighter and more breathable than our other offerings, which allows you a comfort and freedom that other jumpers simply don’t in the warmer months. In fact, we call this design a four seasons jumper as you can confidently enjoy wearing it all year round.   

The Rune is a high tension knit which ensures that lustrous comfort isn’t at the cost of durability, and has been manufactured by a highly experienced Italian workforce. The softness of the luxurious merino wool is emphasised by the slim design of this jumper, and when the weather permits for T-shirt’s to be worn, the Rune feels beautifully soft against the skin whist providing warmth without overpowering. The waffle knit allows air to flow freely whilst locking in your body’s natural heat. 



- Available in Black or Navy, and in sizes S-XL


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