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Archie Foal BRODY Raglan Sleeve Sweater in Khaki



Our Brody knit is the perfect blend of luxurious comfort and versatility. Gorgeously soft merino wool is what makes up the body of this classic raglan knit, providing a softness to its solid construction which ages beautifully and only gets more comfortable with each wear. Our Brody crew neck is knitted in what is called a bandage knit; a unique technique, usually employed in medical dressings, the bandage knit ensures a solid, dense weave whilst maintaining its comfortable, bouncy texture. Our Brody knits are famous for keeping their spring for as long as you own them, and due to our choice of luxurious wool and durable design, this will be a long, long time.

The Brody knit features raglan sleeves, which might normally be associated with a classic sweatshirt. This unique knit design feature helps to flatter the chest and shoulders whilst elongating the body. The raglan sleeves also add full flexibility in the arms without sacrificing its slimming silhouette. You won’t want to be without this knit.

The latest addition to the Brody fold is the earthy Khaki colour option. Inspired by mother nature, the Brody in Khaki is designed to help you subtly transition from the summer months into autumn/winter. Why not try them with our new Noah chinos in stone for a timeless look.

Knitted in the UK. 

Sizes Small (38'), Medium (40'), Large (42') and XLarge (44')



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