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Jump Into The Wild: A Brief Look Into The Undiscovered Self

by Tessa Weale

Jump Into The Wild


For most of us, our world is like a capsule. We are contained within our day to day alongside our likes and dislikes, our habits, our loved ones, our jobs, our studies, our responsibilities, etc. But within us all we have the one thing which makes us unique and special. Though many of us choose to hide it deep under the surface, if given the right stimulus we can dissolve the capsule and let our beautiful, individual, self expression blossom. That individual beauty is exactly what we want to celebrate today. 

Those of you who already know us here at Archie Foal will know our ethos of quality garments without human or environmental sacrifice. Well, to compliment the Summer months we have created a new line of T-Shirts and Sweats to freshen up your wardrobe and encourage you to express your wonderful self. So let’s start with the details...

Whilst the T-shirt industry is widely regarded as one of the most exploitative in the fashion world, with cotton pickers, weavers, and machinists being forced to work in horrible conditions for little reward, our new T’s and Sweats are made from high-grade organic supima cotton from sustainable farms in Portugal, and printed just down the motorway in Leicester. We have taken care at every stage of the process of this limited edition range to ensure that the beautiful soft quality of these new garments has been a great experience for everyone involved.

Now, to frame this story we need to take you back to the 1970s; a time of big hair, bold colours, amazing music, dancing, and liberation. Following shortly on from the summer of love, the youth of the 1970s found themselves continuing to rebel against the stiff and regimented expectations of their generation during the 40s, 50s and early 60s.

This leads us on nicely to our first design. Now if you have ever been out dancing then the chances are that you have been encouraged by Van McCoy to ‘Do the Hustle’. Perhaps one of the most iconically linked phrases to any generation, hustlin’ told people to do what they had to do in order to not be pulled under the rule of ‘the man’. And it’s still very much a part of our lives today. After all, aren’t we all hustlers? Aren’t we all doing our best to make ourselves successful so we can be free to do the things that we want to do? Hustling means freedom, and freedom ain’t no dirty word!

So we’d like to borrow a line from one of our favourite decades and help you to express yourself to the fullest this summer in our new ‘Hustlin’ sweatshirts and T’s.

Next in the line up is the brand new for 2019 ‘Love Tunnel Bar’ range. Made from the same super soft supima cotton, this new T-Shirt design comes in ecru, khaki, and ruby red. So, what is The Love Tunnel Bar? It’s the coolest bar you haven’t been to yet. Hidden in a backstreet underbelly, our Love Tunnel bar plays only your favourite music and mixes up cocktails which are perfect to help you to escape from your stressful day.

After making your way down the dimly lit stairway and performing the secret knock on our secret door, you are welcomed in to our den and told to sit anywhere you like. Across the room Farah Fawcett and John Travolta are discussing the Watergate scandal whilst Minnie Riperton duets with Marvin Gaye at the piano in the corner. Everywhere you look you see smiling, familiar faces, and the lighting is just right to set the mood. Our bar never closes, and while it is a private members club, the only thing you need to join is an open mind and a good vibe. 

Come and see us in store and we can tell you all about it. We also have some great merch from the bar that you would love!

Last but not least we would like you to come on a little get away with us as we introduce you to our ‘Burner’ collection of T’s and Sweatshirts. As you might have guessed we are aiming to show some love to our friends who shed their regular skins to experience the immense happening that is Burning Man Festival.


What is Burning Man Festival some of you might be wondering? Burning Man is an annual event which takes place in the desert of ‘Black Rock City', Nevada. Every year thousands of people attend this gathering in the middle of nowhere in the spirit of radical self-expression. The festival also champions inclusion for all, self reliance, civic responsibility and participation... qualities that many feel that we are slowly slipping away from in our society.

The attendees of the festival are called ‘Burners’. Every year these ‘Burners’ come together in the desert to express themselves without taking from others, live off the land and be their true selves for a few days. It’s something that we admire here at Archie Foal, and so we have decided to honour them by adorning our new supima cotton sweats and T’s with their name. The Burner T comes in khaki, grey and navy, and the Burner Sweatshirt comes in grey and navy. 


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Burning Man 2019 commences on Sunday 25th of August, and runs until the 2nd of September. If you can’t make it (or even if you can!) why not come down to one of our stores and express yourself in our new ‘Burner’ range. Burning Man follows an ethos of ‘leave no trace’. ‘Burners’ try to give back what they take away and in turn help to restore our beautiful planet to its full glory. That’s something which we try to do ourselves here all the way through from our design to our production.

If you want to come and chat to us about any aspects of the brand or indeed have a lengthy discussion about the freedom of expressing oneself then please do come and see us. We’ll look forward to seeing you soon.

Keep on Hustlin’!



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