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Fashion Trends for Summer 2019

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What Trends are in Store for Summer 2019

When asked to define this summer’s trends, we could sum it up in one way – celebrating life. Fashion this summer is set to be bold, dynamic, and passionate. Waves are going to be made - in more ways than one.

Getting out the shades

Expect to see a lot of warmth, and we’re not referring to the temperature. Warm colours play on many emotions, from unabashed positivity to full-blooded sensuality. Regardless of how the light shines through, this summer’s colour trends are set to get pulses racing. If you’re going to be on trend this Summer, you’re not going to be expected to blend in.

The colour that’s certain to have an impact is yellow. Although yellow can be subtle - think lemon or vanilla -  it represents joy, optimism, and vivacity. The trend towards yellow is as clear as day, considering this season’s love for Aspen Gold.

Picture an idyllic summer beach holiday. When the sun goes in, someone will light a fire. Expect brilliant shades of red. That vibrancy is still there, but it turns from joy to passion. Opt for an energetic Fiesta or a rich and intense Jester Red. Keep the embers burning this summer, or add exotic flavours with ‘spice’ tones.

You may have heard the benefits of turmeric lattes. Now the spice is livening up your wardrobe instead of your breakfast. Tumeric plays on our insatiable need for adventure. It keeps things bright but with an earthy twist. Keep your tastes interesting, without the need to be too overwhelming.  

Spend summer at Studio 54

Nostalgia is a funny thing. Our memory tends to buff out the more unsightly styles of a decade. What’s left is a chic, rose-tinted version for the 2019 palate. The most recent example? The 1970s.

It makes sense that the disco era is back in vogue. After all, fashion this year is about energy and vibrancy. The 1970s were riding off the peace-and-love optimism of the previous decade. The free-wheeling spirit never died, it just became rougher and tougher.

So how are you going to make yourself studio-ready this summer? Start with a midi dress. Not only is this a figure-flattering hemline, but it’s also versatile. The length is work-appropriate, but a few statement accessories create an instant day-to-night look.

Now let's talk prints. In this post, we’ve talked about trends that celebrate life. When we say life we mean energy and adventure – anything that gets blood coursing through the veins. Therefore it only makes sense that animal prints are on trend.

The 1970s were the perfect decade for animal prints. In hindsight, they were a natural fit for both earthy tones and disco flair. To quote an iconic song from 1972 – take a walk on the wild side, be that with leopard print or faux snakeskin.

How will the 1970s be best remembered? It was a time for flying in the face of convention and uninhibited self-expression. This is what drew so many people to the disco scene. Underground music and dance have always been a hub for people at the margins of society. For instance, the disco scene was pivotal to both black and gay culture. It was about having a space to be bold and free.

This has come full circle in several ways. Now more than ever, diversity is front and centre - from Congress to the catwalk. 2019 has also seen several examples of grassroots activism, led by people unafraid to take on the system.

Fashion has always been inspired by rebels and change-makers. More often than not, a style icon is someone who owns who they are unashamedly. You can do the same with a logo print t-shirt or sweatshirt. Logos always make a statement, whether it be cultural or political. Don’t blend in - proudly display what you stand for.

From style to substance

We don’t want to do a disservice to sustainability by framing it in as a ‘trend’. However, we have to say that in 2019, the tide is turning against our ‘throw-away culture’. Celebrating life means realising just how precious it is. People are caring about quality, but more importantly, they’re caring about the planet.

Big brands must take action about the depletion of natural resources. The role of the fashion industry in climate change was recently the subject of a House of Commons report. The report was titled ‘Fixing Fashion: Clothing Consumption and Sustainability’.

When we think about industries that contribute to climate change, it's unlikely we’ll consider fashion. However, the report states that ‘textile production contributes more to climate change than international aviation and shipping combined.’

If this isn’t enough cause for concern, we haven’t even begun to consider the human element. The fashion industry produces unfathomable amounts of clothing for as cheap as possible. Many manual workers, often women and children, receive minimal pay and often have no trade union representation.

Big brands are being held to account for their role in this destructive industry. They are now being ordered to be transparent about their supply chains. New measures are also being put in place to ensure sustainable clothing production.

The Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP) is a prominent example introduced by WRAP. SCAP’S 2020 Commitment is a pledge for retailers to hit industry targets. These targets include a 14% reduction in waste to landfill and a carbon footprint reduction of 15%. Several prominent retailers have pledged their commitment to these targets. ASOS, Primark and Ted Baker are just a few examples.

At Archie Foal, we’re inspired by sustainable fashion and long-lasting quality. Our clothes are made using durable fabrics and world-class construction techniques. Our clothes are made to last generations, with designs that never go out of style. If you have classic tastes and value exquisite craftsmanship, shop our range of products today.


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