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Eye spy an Alistair Guy

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Alistair Guy fashion photographer wearing Archie Foal clothing

Eye spy an Alistair Guy

Spreading our passion for well-made, luxurious clothing is what Archie Foal is all about. We are proud to represent the changing tide of fashion towards slow consumerism, valuing quality over quantity instead of the current throw-away fashion culture. When other enthusiasts in the fashion world become Archie Foal converts, it makes us feel good because it shows that people are loving what we do. So when the notable Alistair Guy showed an interest in our story and our products, we couldn’t have been happier.


Alistair Guy fashion photographer wearing Archie Foal clothing

Who is Alistair Guy?

Alistair Guy is a celebrated fashion photographer, noted for his regular work with some of the world’s leading fashion magazines. The glossy pages of British Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and i-D have all graced their publications with his stunning photographic skills.


Not only is he adept behind the camera, but Alistair is also quite talented in front of the lens as well (some people have all the luck). In his past life, he has aligned his name with esteemed brands like Casio, Hunter and Aspinal of London as one of their Brand Ambassadors. He is currently the Brand Ambassador for none other than La Perla.

Alistair has also branched out further into the art world with various exhibitions. His most recent exhibition ‘Strong Women’ documents exceptional women that he has come across throughout his career, including the great Daphne Selfe, the world’s oldest model.

Alistair Guy fashion photographer wearing Archie Foal clothing


An eye for British fashion

With a keen eye for high-quality clothing, Alistair has recently been wandering the London streets on the hunt for the best that British fashion has to offer. And he has been finding quite a lot. Within our own collection, he discovered a couple of gems and took them out for a stroll. In the above snapshots, Alistair is sporting our Errol jacket and Lukas Sweater, very charmingly we might add. Our Errol jacket is a luxurious take on a cool classic, made using woven wool melton. While our Lukas Sweater is crafted from cashmere and merino for indulgent comfort and warmth on those cold winter days. Beard and sunglasses are optional.


Our naturally British collection has found many friends with a key eye for fashionable detail and durability. From Simon Hill and Hilary Rose of The Times’ praising what we do to our Johan sweater being named one of 12 Best Cashmere Jumpers To Cherish This Winter by Vogue, our mission to make luxurious fashion durable and sustainable is being echoed by many.


Made to be luxurious and practical, the Archie Foal collection has been designed through merging traditional craftsmanship and knowledge with modern styles. Inspired by the Lake District, our British-made clothes are durable, built to last and adaptable to any season and surroundings, looking as good in the country as in the city.


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